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Car Imports Showing Optimism
Car Imports Showing Optimism
Tuesday, 04 May 2010 12:00

CentrePort CEO Blair O’Keeffe says, “It is still early days in the economic recovery but as a window to the economy through our diverse portfolio we are starting to see encouraging signs of economic improvement.”

The car trade is one sector where this is evident.

Import car volumes through CentrePort Wellington are up markedly on last years volumes.

Car volumes were previously predicted to be poor during 2010 but have increased significantly with car volumes through CentrePort in the nine months to March being up 13%.

Blain Paterson, General Manager of ToyoFuji Shipping Limited (New Zealand office), which is one of the country’s largest car carriers, says “The car trade has rebounded well and is showing signs of a very optimistic recovery.  This has been aided by a favourable exchange rate.  The last five vessels have been full – a big difference when compared to 2009.

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