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Transport Corridor Decision Will Boost CentrePort
Transport Corridor Decision Will Boost CentrePort
Tuesday, 01 December 2009 12:00

CentrePort is pleased with the Wellington Northern Corridor proposals and is well placed to take advantage of them, the company's CEO Blair O'Keeffe said today.

"Wellington is a key regional and national transport hub for people and freight movement. The developments proposed reflect the relevance and importance of the Wellington region."

"Cargo worth $3 billion passes through the Wellington region – and CentrePort – each year. Measures which facilitate this flow are obviously to be welcomed."

Mr. O'Keeffe said CentrePort's cargo, cruise ship and ferry business all required an unimpeded transport flow.

"From CentrePort's perspective, Transmission Gully and the other improvements are a good outcome" Mr O'Keeffe said. "The present Northern Corridor impedes productivity and leaves Wellington vulnerable."

He said the Levin to Ngauranga, Grenada to Seaview and Ngauranga to Airport routes were all "key enablers" of free flowing transport within the Wellington region.

"In recent years CentrePort has invested heavily in upgrading port facilities. We have new cranes, straddle carriers and a new tug, and are continuing to upgrade wharves. Ship calls are increasing and the outlook is for increased cargo volumes as the region and country grow."

"On completion, the projects announced today will establish Wellington as the most connected and effective intermodal transport hub in the country, interconnecting and serving all modes of transport – from road to rail to sea and to air," Mr O'Keeffe said.

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