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Record Metal Recycling Shipment
Record Metal Recycling Shipment
Monday, 01 February 2010 12:00

An 18,500-tonne shipment of recycled steel, being loaded at CentrePort this week, will be the largest-ever scrap metal shipment to leave Wellington.

Scrap metal exports are today a billion dollar business. Metal for recycling is New Zealand's 17th largest export earner.

The shipper is Seaview company Macaulay Metals, which annually exports around 70,000 tonnes of steel and 15,000 tonnes of non-ferrous metals.

The ID Black Sea loaded an initial 3,500 tonnes of scrap metal in Dunedin before sailing for Wellington and thence to South Korea. The shipment is destined for the Dongkuk Steel Mill in Inchon.v

CentrePort Chief Executive Blair O'Keeffe said today the metal for recycling handled by CentrePort and destined for global markets is drawn from Taupo south and from the upper South Island.

"Years ago much of it would have found its way into landfills. Today increasing volumes are being reused. For example, the turbines at the Makara wind farm have steel parts sourced from the Dongkuk mill," Mr O'Keeffe said.

Macaulay Metals has five yards across the country and is the largest privately owned scrap metal exporter in New Zealand.

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