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CentrePort's Mid Year Results Up
CentrePort's Mid Year Results Up
Wednesday, 23 February 2011 13:32

CentrePort Chairman Warren Larsen announced today that the business was performing satisfactorily at the mid point in the year, with profits for the group up 16% on the same time last year.  

Underlying Net Profit Before Tax for the six months to December was $7.5m compared to $6.4m at the same time last year. He said that this result was an encouraging result in the face of a slow and volatile economic climate.

He added that the result has been generated from a combination of new revenue sources, volume growth and cost management initiatives.

"The mid year results reflected the diversity of CentrePort's business, container trade is up 4%, logs 30 %, vehicles 28%, cruise trade 41% and property revenue 18%."

He said the outlook for the remainder of the year remained uncertain, but we continue to look for ways to accelerate growth and improve returns.



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