CUSP: Behaviour and PPE



Golden Rules

The Golden Rules set the boundaries and give us guidance to ensure that we all go home safely, every day. The Golden Rules apply to all people, all the time. The Golden Rules are set out below:

Golden Rules


The CentrePort Lifesavers are just that, the actions required of all people to keep our lives safe. The Lifesavers apply to all people, all the time. The Lifesavers are set out below:



Standard requirements

The standard personal protective equipment for working on CentrePort wharves and in the port secure areas is as follows:

  • High-visibility clothing, including reflective strips, at all times. Must be compliant to AS/NZS 4602:1:2011. Clothing must be in good clean condition and zipped/buttoned up. Examples of appropriate high-visibility clothing are attached here.
  • Safety shoes – steel/composite toe caps.
  • Hard hats – in designated hard hat areas or where there is a risk of falling objects e.g. working near cranes, log yards, stevedoring operations or on working vessels.


You are permitted to wear closed in shoes instead of safety shoes (steel/composite toes caps) only when your business:

–      is in an office that does not require you to go into a warehouse, shed or operational area (e.g. TSL office, cruise terminal)

–      will not require you to exit a vehicle at any time.


Supply arrangements

The employer of any worker is required to supply the personal protective equipment (PPE) required for the work that is to be undertaken. Port users must ensure that:

  • PPE supplied meets the required standard and is appropriate for the work
  • PPE is used in accordance with the requirements
  • PPE is maintained in good condition and appropriate for the operating environment i.e. high visibility clothing is clean enough to perform its function.

Task- or area-specific requirements

Task- or area-specific personal protective equipment must be used as follows:

  • Personal floatation devices – working within one metre of wharf edge and on/over water.
  • Eye protection – projectiles and wind-blown dust and debris.
  • Dust masks, respirators – nuisance dust and air contaminants.
  • Hearing protection – noise.
  • Gloves – sharp/rough edges and vibration.
  • Fall arrest equipment and systems – working at height (people must be trained in height safety).
  • Other equipment – as required by the task or environment.




Requirements must meet the high-visibility standards as per ‘Australian and New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 4602.1:2011High-visibility safety garments — Garments for high risk applications

Acceptable for day and night visibility.

Must be clean, in a good condition, and zipped up.


Not acceptable as high visibility for CentrePort.





Drug and alcohol policies

People under the influence of alcohol or drugs are not permitted in any CentrePort work area.

All port user companies are required to have active drug and alcohol policies that include testing arrangements for employees and requirements for other people they bring onto the port. CentrePort may ask a port user company to enact their drug and alcohol policy at any time where we have reason to believe a person they have brought onto the port is under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

As a condition of entry CentrePort may test any person for drugs and alcohol:

  • randomly when they intend to or have entered the Port Secure Area
  • where there is reasonable cause to believe they are under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • following any incident they are involved in in any capacity.


No alcohol may be brought into or consumed within operational areas of CentrePort.  Alcohol may only be consumed within non-operational areas of CentrePort with the express permission of the CentrePort CEO and must be in compliance with the requirements in the CentrePort drug and alcohol policy and procedures.



All operators and contractors on the port shall have fatigue management strategies in place to ensure that all personnel are fit for work and meet, as a minimum, the regulatory rest requirements for their roles.


CentrePort has  zero tolerance for all physical and verbal aggressive or harassing behaviours. Anyone considered to be in breach will be reported to their employer and are likely to have their port access revoked. In these situations a stand-down time will be considered for each individual situation.  Depending on the severity of the behaviour, the person may be declined access indefinitely.

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